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WHEN we came out of our winter camp in the
foot-hills of the Rockies two years later,
other Indians told us that there was what the
white man would call to-day a big settlement
boom on in the North-West, and that the white
man was pouring into our hunting grounds by
the thousands.

It seemed that our days as rovers of the plains
were now to come to an end. The Indians every-
where we went were uneasy. Our chiefs and
councillors began to hold frequent councils to
decide what we should do about it. Should we
make one last stand against this race that was com-
ing in and taking our country away from us?
Or should we subscribe to the peace treaty which
the head chief of the Blackfoot nation, Niok-
skatos, had already made with the white man in

Government agents of the great white chief
were already coming to our chief and telling him